After five productive years practicing in the firm of Lippe Gaffney Wagner LLP, as of December 1, 2013, Mr. Lippe will resume practicing law as Law Offices of Thomas N. Lippe APC, as he did prior to forming LGW in 2009. This change is amicable and the partners of LGW will continue to work with each other as co-counsel or consulting counsel on cases as needed. Mr. Lippe will continue to represent his clients without interruption during this transition.

         The Law Offices of Thomas N. Lippe, APC, specializes in environmental law, including land use, timber, water rights and water pollution, coastal resources, endangered species, landslide, flooding and unlawful business practices relating to the environment. The firm primarily practices litigation, in both state and federal courts, but also has significant experience developing environmental policy and drafting environmental legislation. The firm’s goals are to protect the natural environment, to develop comprehensive legal strategies to achieve clients’ mission objectives, to bring top shelf litigation skills to this mission, and to serve the firm’s clients responsibly and with sensitivity to their specific needs and budget.

         Please contact Mr. Lippe at:

         Law Offices of Thomas N. Lippe APC
         201 Mission Street
         12th Floor
         San Francisco, CA 94105

         415 777-5604 phone
         415 777-5606 fax



The Law Offices of Thomas N. Lippe, APC
201 Mission Street, 12th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

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